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 RPG guidelines

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PostSubject: RPG guidelines   Thu Sep 17, 2009 1:16 pm

To make a good RPG, several things are needed.
First, the idea itself. Make sure it isnt a duplicate, and if it's original then it's likely to do well.
The story (If it has one). It needs to be interesting, and preferably not too vague or strict.
The characters. Again, original, descriptive and interesting. This goes for people entering RPGs as well.

As a general template for a rpg is:

Original Post:
The Prologue/backstory.
The general theme or idea of the RPG ( Is it sandbox, is it storyline, modern, fantasy, whatever)
And, possibly, the Rules.

Second Post:
The Rules might also go here.
Any GMs or TMs, ( Game Masters and Thread Masters). These effectively moderate your RPG, and enforce any rules you made.
If your RPG has things like classes, or factions, list them here.

Third Post:
Either continuation of second post, or the Character Biography.
Typical Character Bio:

Short History:

Thats pretty basic, and of course it might include more.

Fourth Post:
Charcter list, and any other information.

You dont need to go by this, make it however you want, but if you want a guideline to get started, feel free to use this.

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RPG guidelines
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