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 Unknown Sentreece (rpg)

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PostSubject: Unknown Sentreece (rpg)   Sun Oct 11, 2009 10:13 am

Sorry this is long, don't read of don't want to but just have a quick scan through and you should get the idea.

Unknown Sentreece is a free roaming game, themed around nature and it's behaviour. This may sound a bit strange at the minute but once things begin to get explained then it should piece together.

At the minute I havn't full created a storyline and stuff, so far I'll post what I've got.

The Base: Part 1

The rp is absed around a growing civilisation that name themsleves Sentreens, the empire tend to be nature loving and kind but as usual nature can be aggressive and some become evil in their lives. The nature of the planet holds a vast range of secrets and powers.

A travelling trader and an artist find themselves on a hunt for relics to eb sold for a great price. Whilst on their hunt, they discover secrets hidden amongst some of the forests, some of which lead them to glory whilst others lead them further to danger. One in particular that will decide the fate of them both against the life of others.

How It Goes: Part 2

The trader having a wide knowledge of information due to his business & travels help lead them to find hidden relic locations, whils the artist has a hidden ability to paint the future. This ability is soon discovered by the trader realising the artist had painted a secret relic that only recently the trader had found and had never told anyone.

A building corporation have built only a couple of villages and one major city. The corporation is becoming a major part in the construction of cities and significant building properties. Whilst underneath the truth lies a dark secret, that both the trader and artist tremble upon. Now the two find themselve on an ever larger scale of adventures.

Insignificant creatures to great mountiful beasts live in the dense forests of Lacious (planet name). Some of the creatures are dissapearing and the forest life is becoming distort from it's flowing food chain. Some of the building workers have been seen around certain areas of the missing creatures.

Main chars:

Name: Layden
Age: 18
Appearence: medium height 5'5
Short History: Never really worked, always lived in a village near a forest. Always loved nature & life and has become an artist painting what he likes the most.
Other: Can paint the future.

Name: Fenris
Age: 20
Appearence: 5'8
Short History: Is a trader amongst the country, has travelled far and accumulated a great deal of information. Collects relics and other stuff.
Other: Becomes entwined on an adventure with the painter Layden and uses it as a great opportunity to find secret relics via the painters ability.
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Unknown Sentreece (rpg)
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