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 World of Terror ~New RP Forum!

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PostSubject: World of Terror ~New RP Forum!   Sat Jul 24, 2010 7:21 am

World of Terror RP Forum

Galox here just telling you about a brand new RP forum I made called "World of Terror". It is a place me you and fellow RP'ers to join in the Main Storyline (World of Terror) and even make your own RP's or play in other people's RPs.

It is really new, so there may be a few more things to sort out yet. TheHiveMind will be my second in charge.

Feel free to move your existing RP's on here over to World of Terror. We advise however that you start off in the Main RP before making/playing in other RP's

Perhaps more to come soon!


Due to this forum being inactive, it inspired me to create a new RP forum. This forum and RP also gave me ideas and inspiration for the main RP on there. If any of you want to, feel free to join. For old times sake, I'll let you be Legendary members Razz

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World of Terror ~New RP Forum!
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