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 Antimony: Experimental

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PostSubject: Antimony: Experimental   Sun Jun 20, 2010 1:49 am

OOC: Note: This is an RP where you, the players suggest courses of action among other things. Others can then second your idea or suggest their own. Remember, the more people who second an idea the slower this moves, but that idea works a lot better. After a bout of suggestions, I will update the conditions etc, so you know what has happened and what has to be done. No stupidity here, I know it is "amusing" however I will eat your head if you do.

IC: You opened your eyes to see only the dirty, smeared light of flickering incandescent lamps. Tightly pressing your ears to the blackness, you hear only the hail battering the old house, muffled by thick slabs of centuries-old wood. Rotting wood creeps up your nose, dulling to the senses.

Eyes adjusting to dark air, splintered wood jarring to new-formed skin, the shapes begin to coalesce before you. Piles of assorted objects are scattered around the room: small metal parts; torn and ragged books; broken lamps and scissors; and tattered, musty cloth. Slowly, you get to your feet and begin to look around, but then you hear a voice just behind you.

Startled, you turn around. Kneeling on the floor around bits of broken glass was a grey-eyed man in a white coat, in good health, you think, for his old age.

"Ah, we have been waiting to see you! For so long, we have been trying to bring you back! Please, take a moment to find yourself a more suitable form for yourself."

Examining yourself, you agree. Your current form is inadequate to say the very least, even embarassing. You are a god, you realise, but what form will it be?
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Antimony: Experimental
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