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 The Pantheon of Terrasonas (Need Nature and Water)

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PostSubject: The Pantheon of Terrasonas (Need Nature and Water)   Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:38 am

It is 78 AA, the 78th Galactic Year After Apocalypse. This book is the remains of a fragile artefact from the planet Terrasonas. It is the fault of the author that the original artefact itself has since been destroyed, and no longer exists, along with Planet Terrasonas. It is by fortune however, that the author managed to obtain the entirety of the text of the artefact shortly after their retrieval from the Planet Earth in 2591 GY.

After spending time in the solitude of outer space with my faithful droid, I decided I would one day publish and make viewable throughout the whole galaxy this mythology. It is significant because it is the only artefact left from Terrasonas. A long forgotten planet which no longer exists. What its people are like what great secret its culture hides no one will ever know, save for the stories of this one book. How curious it is filled with gods and heroes, and magic and is literally the only account and only thing we know at all about this no longer existent planet. It is therefore the opinion of the author that it is most ironic that for all anyone knows, this could literally be the truth, for we shall never find the evidence to disprove it.

With all this said I encourage the reader to respect the culture of this unique, extinct, and invaluable culture in our proud galaxy. Let us not forget the tribes of the past and their histories, mythologies, and cultures.

Professor Terrance Blooming
-Professor of the Society for the Study of Ancient Civilisations (SSAC)

The Rules:
Follow the rules of this forum, which is also follow and post IC in this topic.

You can't kill gods, it's impossible. We might come up with an end myth, but we'll worry about that way later since I can change the topic and just pretend this rule never existed.

You have 1 god character only. However you can NPC any numbers of mortals, monsters, etc. Just know that these minor characters can be killed by other people's gods if they have that spell.

No spamming, post OOC stuff in this thread. Do not OOC only post. A OOC only post is defined as a post where you write nothing into the RP, you just post an OOC

Your God
As you will find out from the introduction in the actual topic, this story is a book of Mythology on a planet called Terrasonas by the Society for the Study of Ancient Civilisations (SSAC). In this book you get to control ONE God. All Gods are equal at least in the respect that they are immortal. All Gods needs spells and magic, but I'll cover this next. You basically play as your god from his earliest known days to whenever you deem it to be his last, or whenever we reach The Doomsday Myth. Each God has a specific element I would like you to stick to!

Terrasonas, at the beginning is a barren world of stone and sand, to become a beautiful and life full world (if we want it like that, which we do) it needs more than just the “Earth” element preferably try to avoid having a god the same element as another, if necessary I can NPC some annoying little tiny ones to come along and randomly fix the problem. Each element is just as powerful as the others. Later on I might add more elements or lower the boundaries but atm, Terrasonas is very elemental.

Earth: Terron
Nature (Flora and Fauna):
Air (sky and weather basically):

When you first begin you are allowed to have THREE spells of your imaginations' choosing (in fitting with your element). Every 5th page of the RP you gain one additional spell, also of your choosing.
The only catch is they can't be too general. For instance you can transform into an eagle in the Mortal Realm if you'd like. You can't just shapeshift into anything at will though.
You may have the same spell as another god.
--Every 5th page instead of gaining a new spell you can combine two existing spells into one to stack a spell. For instance if you have 5 spells you could take two and combine them, leaving you with four spells but potentially more powerful or interesting. Let's say the two you choose are you can shoot fireballs and a spell to create bugs you could combine to two to either be able to create flaming bugs or perhaps choose the higher path and be able to create insects that give benefits to people as medicine or having magical potion properties.
You can grant mortals toned down version of your magical powers, but remember, any mortal character you make can probably be killed off by a god.

There are two Realms (so far) in this RP: Paradise and the Mortal Realm. Both were created by Terron, the first born.

Everyone's god will start in Paradise. Paradise is a land of immortals and the righteous mortals. Here no one ever dies, no one has to eat unless it's for sheer enjoyment, it is as its name implies, paradise. While in Paradise you may cast ANY spell that is good but you may NOT cast any spell that is harmful or would inflict pain, suffering, sin, etc. You may cast ANY good spell you can think of in Paradise, you do not have a spell limit in Paradise, and so are free to experiment with magic as much as you please so long as it is good. In the beginning Paradise is empty save for the righteous gods that came into being here, so feel free to use your unlimited good powers to fill Paradise up with all the best things the afterlife can offer. When you mortal characters die, if they were good in life they will come to Paradise to live forever until the Doomsday Myth.

The Mortal Realm: (You must have a transform into Mortal Form spell of some creature/sentient to enter the Mortal Realm)
The Mortal Realm is empty right now. Here your god powers are limited to the spells you have and it is here where the gods compete to influence and create and govern the world how they see fit. Using your spells you will create and shape this land from the ground up. If you can create creatures/sentient races, you can NPC them, however, they can and will naturally die, upon which their soul enters into Damnation or Paradise. It is here you can make heroes, nations, armies, societies, villains, petty beggars, and wanderers to be killed and their souls collected and amassed in Damnation and Paradise for the Judgement Day

Godly Offspring
I noticed some debate on godly offspring. Basically it works like this. You may only have ONE god as is stated in the OP. You can however, have your god copulate to create things naturally (a loophole around the powers, yes!) Your godly offspring can be NPC'd by you as well. However, all your offspring will be mortal, and thus subject to death (and consequently sentencing to Paradise or Damnation. It's okay, you can always breed more.) I PROHIBIT GODS TO COPULATE WITH ONE ANOTHER. Because I say you can't have gods copulating with one another you will respect my word out of respect for me or respect for decency.

If you do decide to write in a god that is as prolific as Zeus himself, then these are the rules about your offspring.
---Mating with a creature or monster will result in your offspring becoming a monster (ie: the recently born gorgons.) Offspring born of creatures or monsters have no magical powers, though they can surely be strong or very big.

---Mating with a sentient will result in a monster or a hero being born, this is up to you really. If you opt to have a hero be born, they may have a dumbed down version of ONE of your spells. A hero will have a "divine protection" preventing him from being directly or indirectly killed off (unless by you yourself) for five pages. After five pages, your hero is fair game to death, thus you will have to watch over him or be more political with the other gods. Once your hero dies if they were good they go to Paradise, if they were wicked they go to Damnation.

If you choose for your sentient-born offspring to become a monster the monster may inherit ONE of your spells but, like a hero, have it dumbed down or limited (ie: if you can create fire, then your offspring could breathe fire.)

That about covers this issue, and the above section will be added to the OP for your convenience

Paradise explained further

It seems we need a little more understanding of Paradise. Paradise is Heaven. You cannot commit evil in Heaven. Not because you are good, but because it is simply impossible to commit evil in Paradise, it just is not possible. Paradise itself will not allow this to happen (until the Doomsday Myth.) Remember you can only cast GOOD spells in Paradise (the trade-off being that you can cast even good spells you do not have.) You CANNOT cast evil spells or even bring evil souls or monsters into Paradise (evil gods may still enter, but their evil powers will not work.) Feel free to ignore completely, rebuke, or have ZigZagas remove their post if they try bull**** with evil spells. Predictably, you cannot destroy anything in Paradise, nor can you hurt or kill in Paradise. You can try, but no one feels pain in Paradise, therefore your attack would be little more of a joke. Now I know we all ready had a little bit of malarkey up in Paradise all ready, that's okay, we'll let that slide, but from here on out, you know now.
Remember, whatever is done can also be undone in Paradise.

The Pantheon cannot be transformed or altered. For some reason Fate has determined it to be significant to remain unharmed. You may ask yourself, who is Fate? You will meet Fate soon, yes Fate is a character, whom of course I will control as the owner of the topic (and because Fate will be needed for the Doomsday Myth.)

Character Sheet:

God Name:
Three Starting Spells:

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PostSubject: Re: The Pantheon of Terrasonas (Need Nature and Water)   Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:11 pm

God Name: Venturus
Behind the hood is a pale face, white short hair, his eyes are always closed. Venturus is blind; his eyes scarred. However he can feel and sense everything around him to such a degree he can build up a perfect mental picture.
Personality: Mostly solitary, usually calm but his anger can be great. He is capable of great love for certain things; for others he has usually either indifference, contempt or hate.
Element: Air.
Three Starting Spells: Control/create air.
Lightning bolt/zap/current.
Appear on the mortal plane in normal form.

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PostSubject: Re: The Pantheon of Terrasonas (Need Nature and Water)   Thu Jun 17, 2010 10:48 am

God Name: Terron (First born)
Clothing: none
Personality: Dark, brooding, perfectionist, dislikes change, solitary, loves to create
Element: Earth
Three Starting Spells: Create/manipulate Earth/metal
Mortal Form (same as godly)
Imbue Power

When I return in an hour or so time, we shall start
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PostSubject: Re: The Pantheon of Terrasonas (Need Nature and Water)   

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The Pantheon of Terrasonas (Need Nature and Water)
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