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 The Characters: For Newcomers.

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PostSubject: The Characters: For Newcomers.   Sun Jun 13, 2010 6:02 am

I decided to make this thread to describe past and present characters in the main RP. I will Start alphabetically.




Creates by Bandon V. Lucifer (Formally Tulak Nord) Bandon was an originally corrupt skeleton beast, who enjoyed torturing and burning things. As the story went on, he turned to the side of good. He has amazing attack force and could withstand barbaric assaults. However, was eventually beaten down by Airien and Optimarus. He was once in a horde, with another skeletal soldier, Bossimich. Bandon lived in a large, impenetrable fortress.

Created by Galox, Little is know about Coralie, apart from previous to the Golden Mask incident, she knew of Xu many years ago. Her powers are yet unknown, but is said to be an excellent controller of Earth and Plant magic's. She is also renowned at healing plants and animals, but when she's sad, her powers are said to be drained away from her. Presumed dead after the Golden Mask incident, she is forgotten about until a heavy storm uncovers Xu and Coralie in a deep forest.
Most significant event:Reviving a dead forest while riding through it with Xu.


Heiwa Daisuke:










Tulak Nord:


Created by Photon_Genesis, (Formerly Galox), Xu lives on the Isle of Selenis. Up until his reunion with Coralie, (before the defeat of Optimarus), very little is actually known of his personality. He was once controlled by Optimarus and is known to command all types of magic. His sword fighting skills are yet unknown. Presumed dead after the fall of The Golden Mask (Optimarus), he is forgotten about until years later, when he and Coralie are uncovered alive by heavy winds in a forest. If unhappy, his power dims significantly; when with Coralie, he is said to be at his happiest, and therefore, most powerful. Most significant experience: Riding a giant dark dragon near the Tamarisk Tree.

--More coming Soon--

Other Characters:
Eclipse: This black mare belongs to Xu.
Genesis: This white stallion belongs to Coralie.
Koroa: A magnificent dragon, once belonging to Toro and his Uncle. Deceased.
Fang: A wolf belonging to Toro.
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The Characters: For Newcomers.
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