Land of Grennendia RP

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 What is Land of Grennendia?

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PostSubject: What is Land of Grennendia?   Wed Sep 16, 2009 10:43 am

Land of Grennendia,or Log,is an RP I came up with,for no particular reason.Yay.
It is a mostly sandbox RP,but with a storyline that you can chose to not take part in,although it will progress whether or not you do.
I believe,although I am not sure,that I am the first to make an RPG with based in a forum that is based around it.If not,I am sorry to those who have done this before for taking credit.

Anyway,I ramble on.
Log is set in Grennendia,a large but rather unknown land.The RP starts off in a small portion of that land and I will expand it as I see fit.I am hoping to make it rather large.There will be information on individual shops,on monsters,and I am even hoping an events system.
It's gonna be a lot of work.
Hopefully it'll be good.
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What is Land of Grennendia?
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