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PostSubject: Consciousness   Sun Jan 24, 2010 4:17 pm


A Quick Introduction:

Consciousness is a continuing story revolved
around a civilisation known as the Makuraars and a 19 year old boy hunter. Each
Makuraar, Mask Bearer as a common term, have their own individual mask, built by
the themselves from as early as 11 years old, each holding their separate ability based off the
creator’s subconscious being. It has been known for children not able to form
their mask until a later age, 15 is the latest to date but one child has
exceeded this. A boy named Markuu, at an age of 19, he hasn’t or been unable to
form his own mask. Currently working with passion as a hunter, he has given up
hope and desire for his mask formation. Scientists are researching into the
issue but not as a major concern but are aware of his occasional strange yet
related nightmares of masks.

The effects of not having a mask at such late age
isn’t commonly known amongst the public, only calculated predictions by
scientists can show what outcomes there may be, although no significant effects
or changes have appeared to the boy. Forming a mask is second nature to the
Makuraars, without one is classed as a rare deformity, sometimes looked down
upon by civilians but more commonly seen as a disability at birth.

Currently growing a keen passion for hunting is
his present job, working most of his days in the near forest and the occasional
trip to neighbouring lands, either hunting for stock, working a job for clients
or suppressing animal population, the occasional extermination job also creeps in.

These below will be updated once discovered through the story

The Makuraar:


History of the Masks:

Chapter 1: Split Subconscious


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