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 "Motion control wars" discussion

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PostSubject: "Motion control wars" discussion   Sun Dec 27, 2009 7:04 am

In 2010 there will be project natal for 360 and the sony wand whatever thing. (still don't know the name for it) They're both based to be contenders against eachother and the wii, which has last summer released motion plus.

What do you think of it? -DISCUSS!

-my thoughts:
Project natal does look goood. Fun yet looks like you'll need a big/huge lounge/living room area to play with it. (like the problems when the wii first came out. BROKEN TVs! Shocked ) But it does look like fun, and more advanced than the others.
Wii motion + has already brang some problems. Like it is ANOYINGLYHARD! :\\Moody: to get in the wii remote with the motion plus. Little pricy for what it is but probably about the cheapest of the three. The most basic but I'd say the easiest.
Sony motion control unamed controller to me looks like an upgrade to the wii remote. Looks quite hard to get used to and I don't like the idea of saying sony wand. *shudder* Embarassed

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"Motion control wars" discussion
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