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 Film Ideas!

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Bandon V. Lucifer
Kind of a Big Deal
Kind of a Big Deal

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PostSubject: Film Ideas!   Tue Dec 08, 2009 12:56 pm

Post yer film ideas! Who knows, they might become real films! Right, I go first:
It is set in a post apocolyptic wasteland and a lode of soldiers are in a vehicle called a vertibird (yes it is from the Fallout games) The men are talking among each other when suddenly a vertibird next to them blows up. The pilot slightly panics and swoops downwards when suddenly the other vertibird gets hit in the left propellor and goes down. The pilot calls for backup before being shot out of the sky with the other vertibirds.
At the crash site, one of the soldiers wakes up and finds the pilots dead and his friends injured. He grabs his lasor rifle and opens the hatch to the outside. When he gets out he sees a car coming towards them (A very rare site as most cars don't work) The car has it's radio blaring and lots of people inside it makin alot of noise. Realising that they are raiders he dives behind a bolder and starts firing at the raiders.

Later when the survivors wake up, they take the car (Christened with the name, Penelopy) and drive off to find their downed comrades. They arrive at the crash to see that they landed right in the middle of a raider settlement. Long firefight ensues with many dieing and running for lives. They resque the comrades and try to find their way home.
BTW it is set in a desert wasteland.

More will be added later
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Lord of the Posts
Lord of the Posts

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PostSubject: Re: Film Ideas!   Mon Dec 28, 2009 1:29 pm

I'm always thinking os scenes that could go into films/ games. So I'll get posting some scenes that could go into them, I never know how to merge them all to actually form a short film or something along those lines.
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Film Ideas!
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